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Dare to become a web application pen-tester

Dare to become a web application pentester? Here are a few essential “WHATS 101”! let's start with all the WHAT’S;…

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SQL Injection: Still on the Top List of OWASP Top 10

SQL Injection SQL injection flaws are syntax errors, occurs when an attacker can send hostile data to an interpreter.…

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Cross site scripting : Once again in OWASP Top 10

XSS is again in the OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities that are announced in 2017. XSS vulnerability is exploited in web…

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Penetration testing : A step ahead of vulnerability assessment

What is Penetration testing? A penetration testing is a step ahead of vulnerability assessment, Penetration testing…

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BurpSuite Replicator

When it comes to Vulnerability assessment it is always an issue to make developer understand about the vulnerabilities…

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Bug bounty Reward

Bug Bounty – A Vulnerability Reward Program

Introduction Bug Bounty is one of the Vulnerability Reward Program initiated by known companies and websites to…

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